Shopify Deep Dive: Platform difficulties and bSecure’s Innovative Solution

From unexpected downtimes to fees for third-party integrations, merchants who run their business through Shopify must navigate a range of issues to ensure that their businesses run smoothly.

In this blog we will discuss some of the issues that merchants face while running an eCommerce Store through Shopify and discuss solutions that can improve the efficiency of your business! 

Poor Site Performance: 

Site Performance plays a critical role in how well your online business is doing. This means that how fast your page loads and becomes interactive directly affects how likely a consumer is to complete a purchase. Bounce rates on most websites increase by 32% when Page Loading Times increase from 1s to 3s. This means that your business must race to be the fastest and most seamless experience. Read our blog on SEO strategies to find out more about how you can drive organic traffic and convert it for your business.

Problem With Getting Products on Store: 

One of the first steps to building an online store is getting your products list and information on the platform without a hitch. This process can prove to be quite difficult for first-time users and they may fail to complete their imports due to errors in their files. While .CSV transfers are allowed these files can fail to upload if there are any errors in the content. Hence, for business owners with a large portfolio of products, we recommend looking into Inventory Management systems and for all merchants in general this Shopify thread should be helpful.

How The Store Looks / Theme Issues: 

Shopify themes can get tricky to manage especially when you have tweaked them to work for your business. Common issues faced by merchants are:

a) Page Redirects: This is when a page is redirecting to an unintentional destination. Pagefly has some code that can possibly offer a remedy. Check it here.

b) HTML error: This problem usually occurs when there is a syntax error in your code. You may have to look over your code to check for any syntax issues or missing/extra tags to fix the problem.

c) Failure to Load A Page: This may occur due to sloppy code or syntax errors. To remedy the issue, you may inspect the Liquid file containing the issue as displayed on the error message.

Managing Payment Solutions:

While Shopify offers many global payment gateway integrations like PayPal and Skrill, these options are not available for Pakistan. Here companies like bSecure have enabled a solution that allows Pakistani merchants to receive payments and conduct business with ease.

While eCommerce Store can choose any payment gateway method they prefer, it is important to remember that consumers can have a range of preferences when it comes to paying methods. If you aren’t able to offer a perfect mix you may lose customers, read more about this issue on our blog here.

bSecure offers a perfect solution for Shopify merchants. It combines Pakistan’s most trusted payment gateways with a seamless checkout experience. With our newest innovation Shopify Full Checkout merchants will be able to customize the look and feel of the checkout by customizing by playing with the color and logo options on the checkout page.

In the next section, I will discuss how bSecure helps Pakistani merchants tackle the issues discussed above to build a business that can weather any storm!


A Solution: bSecure Full Checkout

bSecure Full Checkout allows merchants to completely customize the Checkout to their preference while also enabling them to skip paying 2% on all their orders to Shopify for third-party integrations. Read more about Shopify Integrations on our blog here.

Moreover, this feature offers a host of other amenities to our Builders(merchants):

You Decide The Order: If your eCommerce business depends on Cash On Deliveries and you are tired of platforms setting prepayments to default, worry no more. bSecure lets you take the wheel for your user journey. You can order payments methods however you like depending on the needs of your business.

Seamless Performance: While themes may glitch, our checkout experience is built to be sturdy and efficient. We have created a checkout funnel that allows your customers to shop seamlessly. Our one-click Checkout is already powering transactions for 80000 customers!

 In Two Places At Once: If you choose Shopify Full Checkout for your payments, your inventory will automatically be replicated to the bSecure app’s marketplace. Giving you access to another consumer base instantly and without any long imports!


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