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What is bSecure?

bSecure is a one-click checkout solution for selling your products all across the globe instantly. We bring everything together that’s required to manage and streamline your product checkout for an instant buying experience. A security-centric approach with every transaction encrypted and never compromising on transparency of user needs and expectations.


We agonize over the right abstractions so
your teams don’t need to stitch together
disparate systems or spend months
integrating payments functionality.

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Why bSecure?

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what you need

A pervasiveness of grit and courage makes Z2C a lion of a company, opening doors which are not easy to open for normal, risk-averse operators. 

Multiple customisable checkouts

Did you often think why do you need to give out your date of birth when all that you are ordering is a pair of heels? Readmore…bSecure gives you the option to create multiple checkouts, customised according to your product line(s)... 

Subscription billing

Set a billing schedule and charge customers on a recurring basis for subscriptions items or any other recurring payments you wish to collect!

All payment gateways all the time

Get the convenience of using all payment gateways offered in Pakistan without the hassle to go through the unnecessary paperwork and stipurary requirements

Activating Prepayment on your website

Accepting Credit/Debit card payment on your online store is the biggest pain point when it comes to eCommerce in Pakistan. We have it sorted, so don't let your customers miss out on this holiday season sale. Accept more with bSecure!

✦ New Feature

Manage multiple stores with-in bSecure

Now you can manage multiple stores on different platforms from one place. You can create new orders, manage the status of orders, accept online payments, on all your stores with the help of bSecure.

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COD Rule Engine

Enjoy the convenience of flagging COD transactions based on the amount. Our Robo Call option will ensure order confirmations before a delivery attempt is made.


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99 Problems, not having a website is not one of them!

Majority of small-sized merchants, freelancers or home based sellers cannot afford to put aside a small fortune to build a website. bSecure allows Builders an easy and fast way to create orders and accept payments without the hassle to put togethar a website. In a few simple steps, Builders can create a link which allows customers to checkout in a few clicks.


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SDK is Live

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Our Story

We believe that customers should have a choice. We also want customers to feel safe and comfortable when shopping online. Unfortunately, this is not always the case when you are shopping online and we at bSecure decided to change that.

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Superpower Your Online Sales

From adding multiple payment gateways to reducing rejection at doorstep. We will help you from the minute your customers lands on your site to when he smiles when he opens his product.

Universal Checkout
For Pakistan

One-Click checkout solution for your business with a strong focus on security and unifying major payment methods.

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