✦ New Feature

Manage multiple stores with-in bSecure

Now you can manage multiple stores on different platforms from one place. You can create new orders, manage the status of orders, accept online payments, on all your stores with the help of bSecure.

Accept Payments Easily -- Seriously

Don't worry about integrating with multiple payment gateways. We have you covered. As, our architects will even help you create your account with multiple books and troubleshot it for you.

The earliest Builders have gone online with payment in as little as 6 hours.

We have gone live with prepayment in as quick as 6 hours!

✦ New Feature

Apply BIN Discounts -on bSecure

Apply discounts exclusively for VISA or MasterCard without worrying about the logic behind. You can also enter custom BIN Codes catering to any type of service provider you want to enable for your customers.

Reduce Rejection at Doorstep

Enjoy the convenience of flagging COD transactions based on the amount. Our Robo Call option will ensure order confirmations before a delivery attempt is made.


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Communicate in your Customers Language

To ensure better and clear communication, ease of understanding and enhanced business results, We now offer Urdu Checkout for customers!

Try Our Demo

Try Our Demo

99 Problems, not having a website is not one of them!

Majority of small-sized merchants, freelancers or home based sellers cannot afford to put aside a small fortune to build a website. bSecure allows Builders an easy and fast way to create orders and accept payments without the hassle to put togethar a website. In a few simple steps, Builders can create a link which allows customers to checkout in a few clicks.

Don't let Customers leave your Website

Redirection can reduce your conversion rate by upto 15%. Don't let that happen to you. bSecure has its On-Page Checkout on by default.

No Website,
No Problem

You can create your own e-stores, accept payments through all major cards and bank accounts, offer discounts with every sale and track every aspect of your business – all in one place. No need to have a website or do anything technical, you can set up an online store in 5 minutes!