The pandemic kick-started a behaviour shift that will most likely be permanent. Years of spending and projected consumer behavior shift happened in a matter of weeks. Products that were rarely bought online became online staples. Immediacy, convenience, and speed became top consumer demands. Brands had to strengthen their omni channel strategies, invest in their social media and demonstrate authenticity to have staying power.

Lockdowns, curfews, travel bans, and the sheer uncertainty in the air forced the consumers as well as the roadside chaiwala to go online. The world’s largest retailers, brands, and FMCGs followed the consumers, going D2C in some cases, for the first time.

Reckitt Pakistan has been a trendsetter and their openness to adopt change and technology makes them one of the most agile and visionary organisations in the world.

Veet Men’s product launch was around the corner and an IMC campaign was prepared to ensure not only brand awareness for a complete new audience set but also to induce trial. A creative new digital experience was needed to find new customers and to unlock the future of retail sales. As economic uncertainty rose, the brand team was willing to take the risk associated with unboxing a brand new digital initiative.

Key Challenges:

1.      Consumers are hesitant to return to instore shopping, hence existing initiatives need to pave way for new retail opportunities.

2.      Veet Men products belong to the category of items that are preferred to be a silently hidden purchase just like condoms and sanitary napkins.

3.      The need to calculate a return of investment on marketing initiatives was all-time high as marketing budgets were slashed.

4.      There is a dire need of logistics automation for immediate delivery.

Consumer behavior and changing habits:

In a customer survey of over 14,000 individuals by the eCommerce Awards team in April 2021, about 82.9% of customers place 1-9 online orders per month (excluding food orders). The younger consumer segment prefer buying on social media and about 29.7% of these shoppers have bought from Facebook/Instagram stores. Trust has been a major issue when it comes to online purchases, hence 79% of online orders are still cash on delivery. As digitisation increased, 62.7% of individuals agreed to opt for prepayments if the first 3-5 orders received from a website were satisfactory.

Reckitt partnered with bSecure to launch a digital campaign for Veet Men. The campaign objective was to create brand awareness and induce trials for Veet men hair removal cream. The Facebook campaign was launched on 18th March 2021 where consumers were directed to a checkout link when they clicked the “shop now” button on the post or advertisement.

A traditional facebook shop journey redirects the customer to a product page whether it is on daraz or any other marketplace or their website. Consumers then select the product and SKU and are redirected to a cart page. The journey is a six-step process until the final order is placed.

Normal Checkout Flow

With bSecure, buyers were directed to a checkout where they were authenticated through an OTP. bSecure is a checkout solution that saves customer’s personal details like address and payment information, so returning users don’t have to enter details again. The result is a seamless checkout of just 3 clicks. New customers needed to pass an additional address screen and hence took 4 clicks.

bSecure Checkout Flow

Our Achievements:

In this short period, 148 orders were placed with an average order value of Rs400/-. The add to cart conversion rate was 3.8%. The benchmark Net Conversion Rates used by industry leaders ranges somewhere between 1.8% - 2%.

Despite being a niche product the cost per order was $15 only, industry average is around $8 for regular grocery or fast-moving items. bSecure worked hand in hand with the distributors, who had access to the portal for order fulfilment. Overall conversion rate in March 2021 across all Builders using bSecure Checkout :

The pandemic has transformed the role and importance of digital experiences in customers’ lives. Today’s consumer expects easy-to-use, intuitive digital experiences across channels and devices. Brands that can deliver on those expectations are seeing the greatest returns. bSecure is now moving ahead with quick commerce in line with social commerce because instant gratification is the way forward with this fickle generation.


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