Robo Calls for COD Order Confirmation

79% of all online orders in Pakistan are placed on COD, but COD orders have a hidden cost. COD Orders have a 7 to 10% rate of doorstep refusal, rising to 15% in some cases.

What is Door Step Refusal?

Door step refusal is when a customer places an order but refused it when its delivered to him . This leads to losses for the builder who has to bear the cost of additional shipping. Wisdom then suggests that every COD order must be confirmed prior to dispatching. That is an additional cost on COD orders, since depending on your website's successful orders you would need to hire a small team to deal with order confirmation.

That's Where bSecure comes in. Using our auto robo call feature, we call your customers to confirm any successfully placed order. bSecure offers Builders the option of an automatic bot confirmation call on COD orders. This service mitigates the risk of doorstep refusal minimizing additional logistic charges Builders may have to pay.

Features of Robo Call:

1. Human voiced Robo Call message is generated and the message tone is such that it doesn’t sound like a marketing message which people might cancel.

2. Available in both English and Urdu.

3. When Robo Call is not received for any reason, the order is marked pending confirmation

4. When Robo Call is received with a reply action by the customer (1 for accept order or 2 to cancel order), the order is marked Placed or Cancelled respectively.

5. Robo call service, calls the customer 4 times, if call not picked up once. Intervals between these calls can be set according to your preference.

6. If the customer does not receive ALL four calls, orders can be marked as flagged, confirmed, or cancelled depending on what the builder chooses. The number of calls placed per order can be set as well.

7. Builder can also add their own recording that will be played when robo call is placed to customer.

Flat charges of bSecure on COD are Rs.10 (including Robo Call).

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