13th December 2021

Eatachi and bSecure announce new partnership to help the Food and Beverage Industryoffer easy online prepayments through an easy to integrate Online Payment System.

KARACHI, Pakistan.—Today a pioneer in providing Online Ordering Systems for theFood and Beverage Industry, Eatachi, announced expanded integration with the leadingpayment gateway enabler bSecure. Together Eatachi and bSecure will offer increasedcapabilities for the Eatachi platform. As restaurants and eateries look to facilitate foodenthusiasts by providing online payment options, integration with bSecure will help theFood and Beverage industry access fully deployed ordering systems in a matter of minutes.

Left to right: Ms Maryam Jurai, Mr. Waseem Khan, Mr. AbuBakr Munawar, Ms Mehwish Aslam, Mr. Raza Sabir, Mr. Zeeshan Hussain.Behind: Ms. Konain Rizvi, Ms. Manal Zahid, Ms. Khushbakht Shujaat, Mr. Ashar ShaikhVirtually (left to right): Mohammad Azeem & Adam Dawood

COVID19 and the lockdowns that followed have altered consumer behaviors radically.These changes have increased online ordering by 200% in the past 2 years. By payingonline, people at home, feel more comfortable and safer during the pandemic, and thiscapability also insures businesses from, order to delivery.

However, it must be noted that Cash on Delivery is still the norm in the Food andBeverage Industry and therefore, we have tailored our new feature-set for thisrequirement. With bSecure restaurants on Eatachi don’t need to arrange their owndelivery operations and can now utilize our 3rd party delivery platforms such as Bykeawith Cash on Delivery (COD).

Eatachi aims to simplify automation and make it more accessible for the local Food andBeverage Industry. With Eatachi, businesses around the world can enable a fullydeployed Online Ordering for their business in less than 3 minutes without bearing anyHosting/ Domain Charges, Setup Costs, Monthly Charges or Commission charges.

The signing ceremony for the new partnership occurred in the bSecure office at ForumKarachi, in the presence of Mr. Abubakar Munawar (CEO, Eatachi), Mr. Waseem Khan(CTO, Eatachi) and Ms. Maryam Jurai (Admin & HR, Eatachi) as well as Ms. MehwishAslam (Head of Business, bSecure), Mr. Raza Sabir (Head of Operations, bSecure), Mr.Ashar Shaikh (Project Manager, bSecure) Ms. Konain Rizvi (Head of Finance) andbSecure’s esteemed junior executives Khushbakht Shujaat, Manal Zahid , ZeeshanHussain and Amjad Khan. With this partnership bSecure and Eatachi are forming aunique synergy in the Food and Beverage industry, one that promises to deliver qualityand ease to all restaurateurs and food enthusiasts in Pakistan.The fruits from this partnership are available already! Businesses looking to learn moreabout collecting Online Payments through Eatachi’s Online Ordering system, can visitwww.eatachi.co for more information.

About Eatachi

Eatachi is a digitization platform for the Food and Beverage Industry, which allowsrestaurants to setup their own online ordering system in no time. These functionalitiescome without any setup cost, monthly charges or commission, and businesses just payon an “per-order” basis.

About bSecure

bSecure is a payment gateway enabling solution that allows business owners to integratemultiple payment methods in one go. bSecure aims to optimize and simplify the checkoutflow to enable seamless shopping experiences. Integrating bSecure’s Checkout allowsrestaurant owners to benefit from Value Added Services such as 3rd party partnershipswith delivery services like Bykea and Orio and automations like Robocalls, invoices.bSecure is now in the process of launching its market place app which would allow itsmerchants to automatically get an additional platform to accept orders.


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Source: Eatachi & bSecure


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