Dear Builders, we have another host of exciting new features that have now gone live and we wanted to share them with you.

Google Tag Manager

It is essential that you don't lose track of your customers at any stage of their shopping behavior but especially at the most crucial stage of the Funnel, Checkout!

With bSecure's Google Tag Manager integration, you will finally be able to track your customer's behavior, on your bSecure checkout, with almost any analytics platform in minutes!

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Enhanced Integration with APG to check the statuses of transactions

We have further streamlined our communication with all payment gateways on the API level. This allows us to check the status of transactions for the next 7 days after the order is placed. In case of any change in the status of a transaction, we would be able to inform all the relevant stakeholders well before time to avoid any chargebacks or late deliveries.

Update the Payment Icons

In this update, we have provided you with all the combinations of payment gateways you enable via bSecure. Now your customers can know what payment gateways to expect when they choose the 'payment via bSecure' option.

Qisstpay enhancements

We have further improved our integration with Qisstpay by adding a visual aid for your customers. Customers will now be able to see the calculated price for instalments right below the checkout button. This will help increase your checkout conversions by displaying a 4-month instalment plan for an easy and quick price check.

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Checking order status from 'Order Tree'

When your customers initiate orders via bSecure, the success depends on various 3rd party services which include OTP verification, knowing the current status of the payment, and status given by the payment gateway you are using.

To make your life easy, we have developed an 'Order Tree' which will tell you what is the exact status of any order in a descriptive way. This will help you in debugging and communicating with your customer in a better way.

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