This time we are bringing a host of new features to make your business grow even more. Let's dive in.

1. About us and privacy policy page for instant shop

Builders who are using instant shop can now create an About us and privacy policy page for their brands along with the catalog page. This will help our Builders to set up website pages without any coding involved. All they have to do is select pictures and write content for the About us and privacy policy page in the predefined template.

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2. Order notifications

Now our builders do not need to check the orders table to see if they have any new orders on their store. With the Order notification feature, our builders will be notified every time a customer confirms an order on their store.

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3. wooCommerce PIM

By enabling the wooCommerce PIM our builders can now push all their products from the wooCommerce store to our builder portal which will help them sell their products on bSecure’s App as well. We will be launching it by next month.

If you want early access to this feature then contact us at

4. Instant shop banner size

Builders who are using instant shop can now select the banner size of their own choice, they can use a full-sized as well as the half-sized banner on their catalog page on the instant shop.

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5. bSecure X Payfast integration

Our integration with Payfast will now provide a secure and seamless credit/debit card payments experience. There will be no need for redirection and your customers can choose to save their card information with bSecure (this information is protected by top-notch security), so you can drive more seamless repeat purchases.

What is PayFast by APPS

Payfast by APPS is the first commercial payment gateway to get approval from the State Bank of Pakistan. It is a reliable payment solution, compliant with the PSO/PSP regulations issued by the State Bank of Pakistan. PayFast is owned by Avanza & Premier Systems.

If you want early access to PayFast, then contact us at

6. Bulk Import/Export

This feature can help our builders to import products in bulk from other platforms in a CSV file and get all their products listed in our builder portal and product catalog. Similarly, our builders can export all the products from bSecure builder portal in a CSV file and utilize it for any purpose they want. This feature is useful for those builders who operate a custom website and want to link their product information to us to sell on our new app.

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