This time we are bringing a host of new features to make your business grow even more. Let's dive in.

1. Discount capping

Discount capping feature will be used to set a maximum discount that can be achieved by customer on checkout. You can now cap the maximum discount percentage from discount creation page in our builder portal.

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2. Set discount timings

Now our builders can set discount time for the discounts to appear on their checkout on desired hours of the day.

How it can be useful?

It can be used by our builders to give discounts to their customers in the peak hours of the day.

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3. UI flows of address and review order screens

We have improved our checkout flow and made some changes in address and review order screens that will enable the customers to complete the checkout more efficiently and can increase the conversion rates.

4. Shopify Private App

Now our builders can use bsecure full checkout on their shopify stores using shopify private app integration.

If you want early access to this feature then contact us at

5. Area-based shipments

Our builders can now create delivery zones and restrict customers to specific delivery zones. You can add different cities and areas list to your delivery zone from store settings.

How it can be useful?

It can be used by our builders if they want to deliver their products only in specific cities or areas.

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6. JazzCash integration

We have also completed our integration for JazzCash. With this feature coming in, your conversion rate can increase because JazzCash has a large customer base in Pakistan.

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