This time we are bringing a host of new features to make your business grow even more. Let's dive in.

1. Instant Invoices

bSecure Invoicing is a platform built to save you time and get you paid faster with embedded payment links in your invoices for accepting online payments at the speed of light.

Why do we need it?

It is useful for

  1. Builders who need to send invoices to their customers
  2. Builders who are selling digital services or custom products
  3. Builders who want to accept prepayments with a link in their invoices

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2. Agency Access

Agency access will enable our builders to grow their business by giving access to their builder portal to agencies for managing, marketing, analyzing sales, and other purposes. All you need to do is turn on the access for agencies from your builder portal.

Agencies will have their own account on the builder portal where they would be able to login to all the merchant portals that they have access to. One agency will be able to access and manage multiple builders and stores.

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3. Alert Popup Reminder for WooCommerce

This alert helps reduce abandon checkouts and increase your conversion. This alert will appear once the checkout is terminated before completion, a popup will appear reminding customers to complete their checkout.

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4. RoboCall time lag feature

With this feature coming in, the RoboCall feature will be even more useful for our builders which will let them control the time gap between the calls placed by RoboCall once an order is placed by the customer.

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5. Ability to sort categories

Now our builders will be able to set the sequence of categories on their bSecure instant shop so that they can prioritize the categories based upon their sales.

6. Tax Calculation on review page

Now our builders can set the taxes in the bill from builder portal and these taxes will appear on the review screen on checkout.

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7. Remove google maps if the pin location is not mandatory

Now if the builder has turned off mandatory pin location on checkout from the builder portal, the customer will not have to give his pin location on maps on the address page because we don’t want the customers putting any extra efforts and save their time.


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