We have had some major new features released over the last 2 months and we wanted to give you an update on them.

NIFT Integration

We have integrated the NIFT debit/credit card gateway so any Builder who does not have a card gateway at present can signup up for NIFT directly with bSecure. To signup with NIFT just login to your builder portal and send us a message on live chat.

BNPL Integration

We are excited to bring you our first Buy Now Pay Later integration. QisstPay is a Pakistani startup that will be offering Customers whose orders are between 1,500 and 35,000 PKR the ability to convert their payment into 2 equal instalments. If you would like to signup please fill out this form. To learn more about QisstPay and its integration visit our knowledgebase or the QisstPay website.

Checkout Enhancements

With the checkout being our core product, we keep bringing regular changes to it.

International SMS

We have added support for international numbers and also added a international provider if the first OTP request fails. This is to reduce the already low number of drop offs from the OTP side to close to 0.

Colour Changes

A lot of Builders had requested that the checkout colours be changed to suit their brand. We have added this functionality now and you can easily set it up using this step by step tutorial.

Speed Test

The speed of our checkout has increased rapidly due to optimizations we are making week on week. We are now loading in less than 0.2sec which is a 75% reduction in time from earlier this year. We will be making several more changes over the course of the next few weeks to bring this own even faster.

Discount Engine

We have built a comprehensive Discount Engine. The discount engine allows you to add in discounts based on various items such as payment gateways, shipping method and more. To learn more about our Discount Engine visit our knowledgebase

Voucher & Bulk Voucher Generation

The discount engine also gives you the ability to create individual vouchers and bulk vouchers for your customers.

Budget Allocation

With bSecure discount engine you can also set a maximum budget allocation for your campaigns, so you can rest assure that you discount budgets will not be exceeded.

Bin Code Discounts

We have also built a Bin code* based discount engine which will only give discounts to customers who use the cards that you specify.

  • this feature will only work with payment gateways that support PCI DSS i.e at the moment only HBL Cybersource

Shoppable Ads

With the new product upload ability, we have given every Builder the ability to create Shoppable ads within Facebook & Instagram. This way your customers do not have to get redirected from your facebook page to your website, instead they will automatically be asked to purchase the product directly from Facebook. This new product feature could be a game changer for your social commerce ambitions. Learn more on our knowledgebase.

Product Catalogue

As part of enhancements to the Product Catalogue, we have built full category pages for Builders who have a small catalogue of products and are focused on selling on Facebook directly.

Multi-Store Support

A big feature request amongst our larger store owners was the ability to handle multiple eCommerce stores at once. For this we have redone our entire code base to be able to handle multi-store requests. It is now easy for large store owners to be able to handle individual stores or brands from a master Builder account. Read more about multi-store support here


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