The last month has been a very big one for new developments and we wanted to update you on the latest features we have just released on bSecure.

On-Page Checkout

We now have a full on-page checkout so your customers will never be redirected towards our checkout, instead they will stay on your website instead on desktop. On mobile the entire process will work seamlessly as well. All you have to do is update your WooCommerce/Magento plugin and you are all set.

Urdu Checkout & Urdu Robocall

We have also released an Urdu checkout. You also have the option to make this the default checkout if you wish by changing the settings in your product settings page. LINK

If you use our COD Rule Engine and you want your customers to receive a call in Urdu rather than English that is also now possible within the product settings. LINK

EasyPaisa Integration

We have also completed our integration with EasyPaisa for their mobile wallet and OTC (over The Counter) payments. We are still going to test this internally for another 2 weeks or so before rolling it out to ensure all payments and refunds are being processed properly.

However if you would like to be an early user or start the signup process for creating an account on EasyPaisa please message us on live chat and we will be glad to help.

Manual Order & Product Catalogue

We now also gives you the opportunity to create products within bSecure. While this release has a few simple features right now, we have big plans for the entire PIM (Product Information Management Solution) we are building. LINK

That is it for now, but thank you for all the great suggestions that you have been giving to us and please do feel free to reach out to me or my team at anytime with our live chat feature or via email.


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