bSecure Shopify Solutions


bSecure offers two solutions for Shopify Store owners:

1. bSecure Full Checkout 

2. bSecure Payment Gateway


bSecure Full Checkout


bSecure’s Full Checkout allows merchants to completely customize the Checkout to their preference while also enabling them to skip paying 2% on all their orders to Shopify for third-party integrations. Moreover, this amount is charged in dollars, and with the fluctuating dollar rate, it may impact the Builders.


bSecure also offers a number of other different features to our builders:


  1. You Decide The Order: If your eCommerce business depends on Cash On Delivery and you are tired of platforms setting prepayments to default, we have that sorted for you. bSecure lets you take the wheel for your user journey. You can order payment methods however you like depending on the needs of your business.
  2. Seamless Performance: While themes may glitch, our checkout experience is built to be sturdy and efficient. We have created a checkout funnel that allows your customers to shop seamlessly. Our one-click Checkout is already powering transactions for 150,000 and more customers!
  3. Abandoned Checkout Feature: Roughly 7 of 10 Customers abandon the checkout without placing an order. bSecure’s Checkout Send email and sms reminders using bSecure's cart recovery feature and convert these abandoned checkouts into happy customers!
  4. RoboCall on COD Orders: With bSecure you can rest easy knowing that every order processed is valid and real. We help you do this by verifying COD order requests through a Robo-Call. 
  5. In Two Places At Once: If you choose Shopify Full Checkout for your payments, your inventory will automatically be replicated to the bSecure app’s marketplace. Giving you access to another consumer base instantly and without any time consuming imports.


bSecure Payment Gateway

The Payment gateway offered by bSecure is now published on Shopify Official Payment Apps. The integration is fairly simple, you can click here to go through the process step by step.


bSecure is integrated into your website checkout payment page as a payment provider. 

The downside to this vs the full checkout is the Shopify per-order charges.


Whether you use bSecure Checkout or bSecure Payment Gateway, the real power of bSecure is it allows your customer to checkout in less than 10 seconds since all the customer’s data is already saved. This helps in a seamless customer journey and allows you to maintain a high checkout conversion.


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