As an eCommerce store owner, one of your greatest worries is how can you increase the profitability of your eCommerce store. You can use a variety of tactics to increase the sales of your eCommerce store such as running marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram which can be a little expensive.

So what other options are available?

There are a number of other options but today we'll be highlighting one of them: communicating with your future customers directly through email.

In this blog, we have explained 8 types of emails you can use to communicate with your prospects effectively, which will help you increase the profitability of your eCommerce store:

1)Welcome email series

It's been known for a long time that the best first impression to make on someone who arrives at your eCommerce store is a welcome message communicated via email.

Here are the 3 basic welcome emails you should have automated to go out when someone joins your list:

Welcome Email - 'Welcome + Thank You'

It's very simple you can start by welcoming them to your list then you can deliver them an incentive if you promised them it can be anything as an eBook etc after that you can tell them what to expect by being on your list and lastly end the email by thanking them.

Welcome Email - Brand story

It's a known fact that people don't buy products just because they like them, they buy products they trust the brand of. So how do you make people trust your brand? By telling them a story in emails that way you're not selling them just a product, you're selling them your brand. Here's how you can do it:


  • who you are
  • what you do
  • how you're unique
  • benefits of shopping with you

Welcome Email - Social Proof

Now's its time to show people that your brand is trusted that way they can be more inclined towards your brand making them your future buyers.

You can start by sharing:

  • reviews
  • press
  • endorsements

You can also share popular products or product lines. Alternatively, You can focus on community (ex. 'Join our FB Group).

These Welcome Emails will help you strengthen your relationship with your Future buyers which will help you increase your conversion rates in the long term. You can set them up once by optimizing them during campaigns then let them go out on autopilot forever.

2) Abandoned Checkout Emails

Abandoned Checkout emails are very profitable.


Because people forget to buy!

NOTE: They are different from Abandoned Cart - these customers have already started checking out.

Abandoned Checkout Email -Reminder

You can start by Reminding customers that there are 'Items Waiting In their  Cart'.

You can also show them different things such as:

  • brand press
  • product reviews
  • any form of social proof Anything that will push closer to the sale.

Abandoned Checkout Email - Education

This is for those customers who didn't buy from the first email.

Now, you can start by educating customers on what your brand stands for (and also remind them of the product).

Don't sell them your product sell them your brand.

These two abandoned checkout emails are VERY profitable.

You can consider other abandoned emails such as :

  • Abandoned Cart
  • Browse Abandonment

3) A Customer Thank You Email

After a customer makes a purchase A 'Thank You' email is all you need. Just make sure it :

shows gratitude (trust) reduces buyer's remorse educate buyers on any necessary info

Simply address these 3 points and you have a great 'Thank You' email.

4) 1-2 Campaigns / Week

These campaigns are not automated they are designed to be sent be out weekly it depends on your campaign strategy and how you want to address your future customers. Campaigns like this can really help you increase your conversion rates which will help you increase the profitability of your eCommerce store.

That's all!

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