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Time to put the "Check it Out" into Checkout!

Online shopping is fun but the checkout experience is not! Below we are sharing some of the key reasons why online shopping sucks! bSecure handles all these problems and more.

  1. Why is it so slow to go through a checkout?
  2. Why do you need to know my date of birth when all I want to do I buy some shoes?
  3. Why do I need to log into every website?
  4. Why do I have to enter my password twice? Actually why do I need a password at all?
  5. Why do eCommerce companies call me after placing an order to confirm if I have actually ordered it?
  6. Why do you need my address when I'm buying an e-ticket?
  7. Why do eCommerce stores ask me to share a photo of my credit card?
  8. Why can't I also get a 1-Click checkout experience?
  9. Why are installment plans not on every website?
  10. How do I know that my credit card data is secure?
  11. Why does my refund take days and weeks to process?
  12. Why am I not told the reason why my card is declined?

We are putting all bad checkouts flow on notice

Try it.

bSecure is launching late this summer and if you want to try it out sign up now.